Congratulations to Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School for their mention in this past week’s Newsweek magazine — and subsequent clipping in this week’s Style Weekly.

Here is what Syle Weekly had to say about the mention, and I think it sums it up nicely:

There’s Newsweek’s top 100 high schools, and then there’s the Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School.  Maggie Walker was named, along with 20 others, among "The Public Elites" in Newsweek’s ranking of public high schools May 8.  Why?  Because "so many of their students score well above the averageon the SAT and ACT" tests, the editors wrote.  In other words, it wasn’t fair to those 100 "average" schools.

My thoughts exactly.  I was amused to see the same sentiments echoed in Style, but I’m glad to see Maggie Walker getting some recognition for their acheivements.

One Thought on “Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School”

  • I agree with the comments above….because the students at Maggie Walker are comprised of students from a multi-county area including Richmond city, the local press (not Times-Dispatch, but the smaller publications local to each county/area)do not cover these students. They cover students and school accomplishments for schools in their area. Thanks for the Richmond T-D and Style for recognizing these Governor’s School students. They study hard, play hard, and certainly deserve any recognition that they merit. And Newsweek? Hello! That’s national! Way to go, Maggie Walker Gov. School!

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