Congratulations, Richmond!  We have been noted as #6 on Forbes’ list of Top 10 Cities to Find a Job.

The ranking was determined "using U.S. government data supplied by Moody’s [for]
the largest 100 metropolitan areas according to their unemployment
rates, cost of living, median household income, job growth and income

VA Beach was ranked at #10.  Go Virginia!

Link: The 10 best U.S. cities to find a job – Rentals – MSN Real Estate.

One Thought on “RVA in Top 10 for Job Hunting”

  • I heard about this on WRVA this morning. Turns out the state of VA got first overall in attraction to business, with our regulation being by far the least infringing. At least we are doing something relatively right. The best part is: we have, and will continue to, be hit the least by economic troubles in the nation and by bubbles bursting, such as the real estate bubble that is starting to pop.

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