As reported in the RTD in "VCU projects get green light", everything is moving forward with the second phase of the Monroe Campus.  This is the big construction project that is 11 acres east of Belvidere Street, which will:

  • move the award-winning VCU Adcenter
  • construct new 440-bed residential complex
  • construct new 685-space parking deck
  • construct new medical science building
  • construct new research building

I know there are some that shudder at the thought of VCU "steam-rolling" into all of these areas that they have been working on over the past several years.  It’s exciting, though.  A lot of these areas are underdeveloped or abandoned, and VCU’s presence is revitalizing these areas that have been more or less left-for-dead.  Kudos to Trani and the VCU board!

6 Thoughts on “VCU Moves Forward”

  • I too like the fact that VCU is revitalizing less than utilized areas. Im not always a fan of the amount of tax dollars that are flowing through the school to accomplish that, as the efficiency is not often acceptable, but I dont mind revitalization. Some areas have suffered because the school is there, particularly apartment complexes that find non-student tenants hard to attract and student tenants not always ideal, but overall the effect of a growing university has been good for the area. The class this year is by far the largest starting class ever, and I think that bodes well. VCU/MCV is a good school, particularly in the art and medical fields, but they seem to have a growing reputation as a great school in other arenas too, and VCU graduates will hopefully have fewer and fewer of “You went to school where?” when they are looking at jobs.
    Also, I am happy to hear the Ad department is getting a better, more prominant spot. Its a great school, and it ties well with the acting and theater parts of the school, but their lack of proximity have made that coordination difficult.

  • I know the rugby team had hoped to fill the gap left by having no VCU football team, but that has never panned out. I think there is some reluctance by Trani to have a football team — but I don’t remember why.

  • Let’s stop talking about wanting football at VCU and do something. I think now is the time. City Stadium will be vacated by UR when their new stadium is finished. Scott Secules, ex-UVA star and NFL Quarterback in an Assistant Athletic director for VCU. ODU is getting a program and so should VCU. It is always easier for 2 teams to join a conference than one. Let’s get this done. It is the single element preventing the university from reaching the National recognition it deserves.

  • Mike: It is strange that you never hear anything from anyone pushing for VCU to get a football team. I used to be involved with the rugby team, and I thought I remembered hearing that Trani was dead set against VCU ever starting a football team.
    Just a suggestion, but maybe if more people went en masse to support the other sports (i.e., rugby), then the administration couldn’t help but see that there is a market for football. Right now, the basketball team pulls a good number of fans, but it took quite some time to build that up.

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