As reported by, the long-standing Mexican restaurant located on West Cary just west of VCU was demolished today (9/14/06).

Link: Say goodbye to the Rio Grande.

As I posted on a comment there:

I represented a client that was in negotiations to buy El Rio Grande
at the beginning of the year. The deal didn’t happen, but I did learn
that Eck Enterprises is rebuilding there, and the plan was to have at
least one more restaurant take it’s place.

They were hoping
to have El Rio Grande stay and intended to help them through the
construction, but I don’t know the outcome any more that what you can
see for yourselves.

Sad to see a landmark like that go away, but sometimes it is time to move on.  I have seen the plans from several months ago, and the planned buildings look great!  I am excited to see how this stage of redevelopment from Eck Enterprises will come together.

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