Compliments of the Valentine Richmond History Center (I added the links):

"Take a trolley ride and discover one of Richmond’s first trolley communities, Highland Park.  Join the original trolley route from the History Center to Highland Park.  Attendees will tour one of Highland Park’s newly restored homes and enjoy refreshments catered by Boaz and Ruth.  The Trolley leaves from the Valentine Richmond History Center and will run continuously between Highland Park and the History Center; event is free to the public.

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 2006, 1-4 PM
1015 E. Clay St., Richmond, VA, 23219
(Limited Parking Available at the History Center)"

I encourage everyone to take advantage of this unique event.  Not only will you get to ride the trolley through an historic neighborhood, but the History Center will also be open to the public (free admission that same day, I think — but don’t hold me to that).

While you are there, check out the new exhibit "Why Richmond? Richmond Immigrants Tell Their Stores".

One Thought on “Highland Park tour”

  • Could be a boon for highland park as well. The more public and historic exposure it gets, the more it will assist the turn-around of that area in development and economic standing. There could be some added costs for renovators if the historic society gets too involved, but thats not all bad. Maintaining the look of a historic area, especially considering the beauty of much of the construction of that period, will be an advantage overall.

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