As I have mentioned before, I love seeing local establishments getting national media attention.  When I see it, I point it out to everyone.  I think it’s exciting.

Thus, when I saw the "What’s Hot In…" section of the print edition of last week’s Nation’s Restaurant News, it caught my eye.  They didn’t focus on Richmond, Virginia (I’ll have to see if I can offer them some suggestions for that…), but they did focus on a nearby city — Virginia Beach!

Granted this is "Richmond Commercial & Business News", but I think it is worth some attention from us since these establishments are so close-by.

Here is the list:

Croc’s 19th Street Bistro
620 19th Street, 757-428-5444
Seats: 200
Cuisine: Seafood

Gus’ Mariner
5700 Atlantic Avenue, 757-425-5699
Seats: 250 in dining room, 30 in pub, 65 outdoors
Cuisine: Eclectic w/ seafood focus

Lynnhaven Fish House
2350 Starfish Road, 757-481-0003
Seats: 180
Cuisine: Seafood

Rudee’s on the Inlet
227 Mediterranean Avenue, 757-425-0850
Seats: 200
Cuisine: Seafood

653 Thalia Road, 757-340-1156
Seats: 350
Cuisine: Seafood and steak

Congrats to all of the restaurants mentioned!