Jordan Sibold

Research Analyst

Coming to us from Atlanta, Georgia, Jordan has an extensive background in the restaurant industry, formal events, and real estate. She got her real estate license at 19 in Georgia and is now licensed in Virginia as well. With a passion for history and architecture, real estate was the natural path after graduation.

Jordan grew up in a family of Realtors and home-builders, and has spent the last 4 years in residential real estate, construction and leasing multi-family units, but is excited to step into the commercial world. She has had her hand in all aspects from construction and renovations to generating contracts. Through the early stages of the pandemic, she partnered with her family’s business and Zillow doing home renovations, and even worked on a home for a Vice President of Zillow.

Having worked in the restaurant industry for 9 years, she has developed exceptional problem solving and communication skills. The experience also helped her better understand how restaurants function and how the right space can allow a business to flourish. Everyone deserves to have their needs heard, and advocating for her clients is a top priority. Jordan also has a background in events management with Dover Hall in Manakin- Sabot, so she understands the needs of clients looking for a multi-purpose space.

Moving out of her smaller hometown in the outskirts of Atlanta was a dream of hers and now she is focused on building a career of helping others achieve their goals and dreams. Excited to explore her new home, she looks forward to assisting Sperity clients throughout the Richmond Metro area.