Dana Craig, the restaurant critic/reviewer over at RTD, has posted an online poll for Richmond’s favorite restaurant.  The list has been narrowed down to just the restaurants that were reviewed in the past year, so it is a shorter list than you would expect — BUT, it’s still a fun idea.

Visit the poll that Dana posted, and vote for your favorite!

The restaurants on the list are:

  • Grandpa Eddie’s Alabama Ribs & BBQ
  • Old City Bar

  • Enoteca Sogno

  • Zeus Gallery Cafe

  • Pescados

  • Da Lat

  • Sensi

  • Corner Bar & Grill

  • Bank

  • Tarrant’s Cafe

  • Cous Cous

  • Rowland

In addition, I would love to hear any others that you think should make the top list (irregardless of whether they have been reviewed lately, or how long ago they opened).  Be sure to let us know why you think that your choice impressed you so much!

One Thought on “Best Restaurant(s) of 2006”

  • Acacia always deservs to be on such a list and their 3 course prix-fixe(sp?) makes for an elegant and affordable night out.

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