About Us

About Sperity Real Estate Ventures

Sperity is a coined term, a combination of Inspiration, Prosperity, and Integrity. We strive to bring all of those aspects to every interaction that we have, whether it is with a client, a customer, a competitor, or with anyone else.

We are a commercial real estate and business brokerage firm that works under a different model than anything else we’ve seen in the field. With the emphasis on treating our employees as a team, we incentivize excellent customer service and making sure that the whole company is working on every deal that we take on.

We have worked especially well with restaurants, churches, and real estate developers. Each member of our team comes with an extensive background in one or more of these specialized fields. Before taking on projects outside of these specializations, we analyze each one on a case by case basis to be sure that we will provide superior results.

Meet Our Team

Nathan Hughes

Nathan Hughes

Principal Broker

Nathan Hughes has been a full-time business broker and commercial REALTOR® since 2005. With an emphasis on teamwork and customer service, Sperity Real Estate Ventures was founded in September 2015. Combining the decades of full-service real estate and business brokerage experience with his own business and restaurant experience, Nathan has carved a niche for himself in the Richmond restaurant market.

Veronica Wiles

Veronica Wiles

Sales and Leasing Agent

Veronica King Wiles is a native of Virginia and has lived in the Richmond area for 30+ years. She was raised in a family of nine siblings, where she quickly learned the skills and value of negotiation and how to bring people together from different vantage points to achieve the best possible outcome.

Betsy Mangum

Betsy  Mangum

Sales and Leasing Agent

Betsy Borders Mangum is excited to be back in the Greater Richmond region after spending a few years in Ellicott City, Maryland. Richmond is embedded in her heart since she met her husband here and all three of their boys were born at St. Mary’s Hospital.

Savannah Crowther

Sales and Leasing Agent

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Savannah is excited to bring her knowledge and experience to the Richmond market. She has spent the last six years honing in on her real estate skills through personal real estate investments before converting her know-how into a professional setting.

Jordan Sibold

Research Analyst

Jordan has an extensive background in the restaurant industry, formal events, and real estate. Moving out of her smaller hometown in the outskirts of Atlanta was a dream of hers and now she is focused on building a career of helping others achieve their goals and dreams. Excited to explore her new home, she looks forward to assisting Sperity clients throughout the Richmond Metro area.