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Consulting for Faith-Based Institutions

Here at Sperity, we are a full service commercial real estate and business brokerage firm that works under a model unique to our field. Our full-time agents and staff are all employees with salaries and benefits, incentivized to serve your needs — not independent contractors that can be under undue pressure to sell you something you don’t need in order to put food on the table. To anyone outside the industry, that may sound like semantics, but in practice it makes all the difference in the real world.

Our incentive structures are set up to ensure that teamwork, cooperation, and client service are focal points internally. Everyone at Sperity works as a team on every deal, with our collective array of expertise and experiences working in your favor. We are able to share contacts, advice, and workload between team members in a way that wouldn’t be possible in other firms. The success of the client is the success of the team as a whole.

Historically, we have worked especially well with restaurants, churches, and real estate developers. Each member of our team comes with an extensive background in one or more of these specialized fields. Before taking on projects outside of these specializations, we analyze each one on a case-by-case basis to be sure that we will provide superior results.

Sperity Ventures, Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate

We are a full service commercial real estate brokerage firm, working with owners wanting to sell or lease, buyers searching for the perfect investment property, and business owners looking for new space to lease or purchase.

As anyone can, we use signage, our website, and the free sites for advertising — all with a professional image and production value, of course. But you should demand more. We invest significantly in additional tools and resources that we leverage for your benefit.

Through our proprietary network of contacts that we have built over the decades and our consistent presence in the Richmond real estate market, we are able to complete deals where others only see pitfalls.

We know who is in the market to lease or buy and we know what they want and need. That way, we can call them directly when you let us know that you’re ready to list your property.

If you are a buyer or tenant, reach out to us first and we will match you with the property that fits perfectly, oftentimes before the listing is even on the market. During our searches, we will scour our databases, reach out to our network or cooperating brokers, and hit the streets to find anything and everything that you can consider. This is your search, and we want to find exactly the right fit for you.

Business Brokerage

We are professionals who will assist you in the selling of your business or acquiring a new business, helping to connect buyers and sellers while also acting as an intermediary throughout the process. A reputable business broker or intermediary will be sure that the right questions are asked to help you organize your thoughts, review your priorities and understand what the market will bear. In the end, you’ll find yourself in a better position to negotiate and close the deal—without sacrificing your goals.

Sperity Ventures, Business Brokerage

Sperity Ventures, BOV and BPO


What if you need a value for a property or business for some purpose other than listing it on the open market? Maybe you need a third-party, expert opinion on the value in order to determine a fair buy-out amount for a partner exiting the business, or you have a buyer lined up and want to be sure that you are getting a fair deal? We can help you with a Broker Opinion of Value (BOV) – sometimes referred to as a Broker Price Opinion (BPO) – on a piece of property or a business.

We use multiple approaches to come to our valuation, the same way that we would if we were representing you on preparing a property or business for sale or evaluating the asking price for a lease. Our extensive experience in the market, combined with the tools we use as professionals in the field, give us the ability to provide you a BOV that you can rely on.

Consulting for Faith-Based Institutions

Our team’s ministry experience and extensive, ongoing real estate work with church clients provides unique value as it relates to understanding the needs of your church when it comes to church planting, relocation, acquisition and/or disposition of real estate, and construction oversight, all while working with the congregation and church leadership.

As a leader in your church, you have been charged with stewardship of not only the funds of the congregation, but also the real estate holdings. Good stewardship can provide returns that further the mission and breathe life into the church. Poor stewardship is a missed opportunity that can put the church in danger in a lot of ways. Why not focus on what you do best, and bring in experts to guide you on your real estate operations?

Sperity will assess your needs and develop a plan, guide that plan into action, provide support for the duration, and ensure project completion. With our strong background in real estate development and commercial leasing, combined with our extensive network of contacts in related fields, we are certain we can provide high return on your investment in our firm.

For more information, download our flyer here: Faith-Based-Consulting-Flyer

Sperity Ventures, Consulting for Faith-Based Institutions