I don’t know how this slipped past me, but Johnny Giavos is apparently not content with the hectic pace of running 4 restaurants (3 Monkeys, Kitchen 64, Kuba Kuba, and Sidewalk Cafe).  It seems he is a glutton for the punishment of opening new restaurants, too.

Here is a snippet from the end of a Style Weekly article from 9/28/07 about the National Theater:

Next door to the National, well-known restaurateur Johnny Giavos … is opening a new restaurant. The
two-story restaurant will be located adjacent to and underneath the
National with an elevator providing early access to shows for ticket

The National is on the corner of East Broad Street and 7th Street (and has its own Myspace page), and it is being renovated into a 1,500 person live music venue with a similar feel as The Norva in Norfolk, VA.

If the reception to the latest Giavos creation, Kitchen 64, is any indication then this new restaurant should be a surefire hit.  I’m excited to hear more details about the concept and progress!