The best part about the title of this post is that it’s not just a sensational title to get you to read the post. really is giving away free money.  They have put out an offer to give a $100 gift certificate to anyone that emails them and asks for it.

It is part of their Virginia kick-off campaign — here is a portion of the email they sent out recently:

We’ve channeled over $15 million in resources to classrooms in major
cities across the country since our launch in 2000. On September 5,
2007, we opened to teachers in Virginia, and are excited about
funneling school supplies to Virginia’s teachers.. We already have 165
Virginia projects in need of funding.

On December 6th, Governor Kaine will be having a press conference for’s Virginia launch at Blackwell Elementary School at
10am. Please join us, if you can. And if you have ideas for us as we
engage both teachers and community members in Virginia, PLEASE EMAIL
us… we’re all ears!

We would love for you to give us a try! Please email for a $100 gift certificate
(at NO cost to you), which you can use make a donation to Richmond
students at

Pay attention to that last part. No cost to you for a $100 gift
certificate to use to make a donation. They’re just giving it away to
anyone that emails and asks!

Please use this opportunity to email them and support your local schools.  I have used one of their gift certificates, and it is very straight-forward.  Once you have your code, just click here or click the thermometer to the right of this posting to fund one of the selected projects.  I will use this opportunity to add a few more challenges since some have been funded since I first selected them!