When I saw this post (Link: Consumers say (mac &) cheese, please – USATODAY.com), my first thought was, "I wonder how long it will be before there is an all mac & cheese restaurant?"  Lo and behold, take a look at one of the sections in the article:

Manhattan mac. Two New York City restaurants sell mac & cheese as their only entrees.

S’mac has 13 mac & cheese entrees from $4.25 to $20. The most popular is a four-cheese mac; a Mexican version is planned for 2008, says founder Sarita Ekya. Her 30-seat restaurant does about 35% of its business as takeout, she says.

Supermac has versions including whole wheat and low fat. It also sells $6.95 Mac Burgers that twin it with Angus beef.

I guess it’s just one more example of the single dish restaurant, like the cereal shop that was open briefly down by VCU.

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