That’s kind of a trick question, because kpeifer has shared with us on the following press release from Infuzion:

Hello there!

the new club in Scott’s Addition, will be opening to the public for the
first time today! The Bistro & Lounge will be open for dinner
starting at 5pm.

among the first to catch a glimpse… They are located at 1401
Roseneath Road, on the corner of Roseneath and Clay. You can get
directions and check out the menu on their website at

Hope to see you later tonight!

I will send you a full press release next week.

The "today" that they are referring to was yesterday, and so the grand opening should have been last night at 5pm.  If anyone was there, it would be cool to hear your impressions (yeah, that pun was intentional).

Infuzion will be the first ice bar on the East Coast — once it arrives.  Visitors to the lounge will have to wait for the ice bar to be installed at some date in the near future, but the owners are promising that the lounge will fill a gap in the Richmond nightlife scene, even sans ice bar.

4 Thoughts on “Infuzion in Scott’s Addition — Is it really opening?”

  • Infuzion was definitely open on the posted date. Paul did a great job w/ setting up this venue–RVA has nothing like it! The lighting and sound systems are amazing. Like any new business, there are a few kinks to work out related to how the bar operates…Its surprising how much parking is in that area!

  • Thanks for the insight, Jason. It’s good to have a first-hand report on the bar!
    I’ve heard they have been pretty busy, so it’s good the parking is so available. That’s one of the reasons Scott’s Addition is becoming more popular for nightspots.

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