It’s common knowledge that the United States’ image has been tarnished over the past several years.  There have always been jokes about the "rude Americans", but we are getting bashed from all sides lately.

This tarnished image of America means more than getting dirty looks when we travel overseas, it is affecting American companies that operate overseas as well.

VCU is hosting a public forum to discuss how to better America’s image internationally.  The 14th Annual International Business Forum will be held Tuesday, February 26th, from 3:00pm-5:30pm at the VCU Student Commons Ballrooms.  The Keynote Speaker will be Mr. Keith Reinhard (Chairman
Emeritus, DDB Worldwide), whose organization, Business for Diplomatic Action, is at the forefront of the rebuilding movement.  (source:  RTD article from 2/9/08, "VCU hosting ‘Brand America’ forum")

It sounds like a great idea and a very informative forum.  I would like to see a similar forum assembled to address "Brand Richmond".  It would be a pivotal time for it, considering the Downtown Master Plan sessions and the Crupi Report.