As reported by Style Weekly in "Street Talk" this week, the final deadline has been set for closing the remaining vendors at Sixth Street Marketplace.  The original deadline was August 9, 2007, but that has been extended three times due to lengthy relocation agreement negotiations and the search for two city agencies currently housed in the Blues Armory.

The deadline,  as it stands now, is May 12.  Deals have been struck with approval from all sides regarding the relocation packages (forgiving 50% of back rent owed and $25k for relocation expenses).  There are seven remaining food vendors that were part of the negotiations.

It's good to see that things are moving forward, and the city can finally put the space to good use.  Now if only I could remember what the new use was supposed to be……  Does anyone else remember?

4 Thoughts on “The final countdown for Sixth Street Marketplace”

  • Taxpayers paid to put it up, taxpayers paid to take it down. Its purpose remains the same: corporate welfare

  • Scott: I’m not going to argue with that analysis. Although, if it had been an overall success then I think we would all be able to swallow the expense a lot easier.
    Of course there are any number of caveats to this next statement, but successful downtown redevelopment is worth putting some taxpayer dollars to work.

  • “but successful downtown redevelopment is worth putting some taxpayer dollars to work.”
    Same ol’ song. I think I can speak for a lot of neighbors of downtown who are not seeing a return on their tax money being spent downtown. Instead of paying for necessary things like ADA for the schools and alley upkeep, we see millions in corporate welfare going to the likes of the VaPAF/Center Stage/ downtown arts center boondoggle. It is disgusting and it is immoral. The schools and alleys don’t improve and the remaining middle class families decide its not worth it and leave the city.

  • Notice that I didn’t say that it has been done properly so far. If it is done properly, though, then it is worth the investment.
    I don’t think anyone would consider Sixth Street Marketplace to have been a success, no matter how it’s spun.

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