It is big news in Richmond when a long-standing local restaurant stalwart closes.  Even the usual blurbs about openings and closings can get blown into a full-out article in the RTD

The recent closing of La Petite France demonstrated that even titans can fall.  La Petite had operated at 2108 Maywill Street since 1971, and had a strong following for its French fine-dining experience.

There are always a multitude of possible reasons why a business closes its doors, and there is no point in trying to make guesses from the outside — and it's always a shame to see it happen.  The most-recent owners of the business made some statements as to why they made their decision, and you can see those in the RTD article from Thursday's edition.

As for moving forward, the building owners are prepared to make a good deal for a qualified tenant looking for a fully-equipped restaurant and has told Bandazian & Holden to find someone ASAP.  Get in contact with me and let's see what we can do.