The Ukrop’s location on West Grace Street closed almost a year ago, and since then has sat vacant in the midst of the bustling VCU community.

Plans are finally underway for making use of the space since the acquisition by VCU just a few months ago.  Not a grand retail redevelopment, but it’s certainly a logical progression for VCU to acquire and use the space for additional classrooms and storage.

See the full story at Richmond BizSense here (which, by the way, does an EXCELLENT job with the business news for Richmond and the surrounding areas — if you aren’t subscribed then you are missing out!).

One Thought on “New use for the Ukrop’s building at VCU”

  • I think the Richmond market will be one of the first to make a comeback in the United States. Its just so diverse in terms of industry and has a great history of bouncing back ahead of the rest of the country. All these foreclosures needed to happen to clean up the mess consumers and bankers alike created.
    John R. Carlisle

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