I think there are WAY too many lists out there, and they don’t mean much of anything to me anymore….well, unless Richmond ranks near the top, of course! Then I’m a sucker for the flattery and want to spread the news far and wide of how this prestigious award has been thoughtfully awarded to a well-deserved list of recipients.

Forbes has recently released a whole series of lists of the best cities in the USA for working mothers, each list covers the top ten cities in that particular category.  Mint.com then compiled some fancy graphics for each of the list, and I didn’t see a peep on any of it until a friend of mine at AgentGenius.com posted it in one of her posts. (so she gets the link and you can see all of the source info through her post)

Here is where Richmond ranked on the lists where we ranked. The others don’t really count, right?

  • #9 on Lowest Property Crimes
  • #10 on Lowest Violent Crimes

And Virginia Beach received a couple of rankings, too!

  • #10 on Best Quality of Schools
  • #8 on Lowest Unemployment for Working Mothers

Congrats, Richmond!!  (and all the rest of the cities, too….)

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