As a follow-up to yesterday’s post about the distance that Americans will walk, and how to make areas more walkable, I am calling back to an older post from just over 2 years ago: “Who would want to live in the city?

There is a website, Walk Score, that I came across some time ago that jumped to mind when I was thinking about how people are trending towards more walkable lifestyles. I ran a few addresses through their system to get the Walk Score. The first one is our office in the Museum District, the others are houses or apartments that we manage (and that are currently available for rent).

* Bandazian & Holden office, 604 North Sheppard Street — Walk Score 86 out of 100
* 1809 Lakeview Avenue (near Byrd Park/Hollywood Cemetary/VCU) — Walk Score 49
* 16 N 18th Street #3 (Shockoe Bottom) — Walk Score 89
* 2002 Cedar Street (Church Hill) — Walk Score 75

So what’s the walk score for your address (home or work)? Do you agree with the score, or do you think they’re overlooking something that makes your neighborhood more walkable than the score would imply?

One Thought on “How walkable is your neighborhood?”

  • One thing that I notice the site does not take into account is sidewalks, which are lacking along routes I’d like to be able to walk in my neighborhood. A bike lane on Three Chopt would be awesome, too.

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