Residential Realtor logoWe have come a long way in the fight for civil rights in this country, and we have a lot to be proud of.  Unfortunately, in many states it is still absolutely legal to discriminate against someone for their sexual orientation when it comes to housing.  This needs to be addressed legally, but the Realtors aren’t going to allow any of our members to get away with such practices anymore.

Read through this article at Agent Genius to see what’s changed:  “Is sexual orientation discrimination in housing legal? Maybe.”  It’s great news!

According to the NAR, the Code of Ethics Article 10 has been amended:
Article 10: Equal Rights Amendment Passes:
The NAR Delegate Body approved an amendment to Article 10 of the Code of Ethics to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. In a roll-call vote, more than 93 percent of the Delegate Body voted in favor of the amendment. The Delegate Body decision confirms a vote by the Board of Directors in May.

As a personal note, AG strongly supports and applauds the measure taken that Realtors’ ethics supersede federal law so that no matter if it is legal or not locally, discrimination based on sexual orientation will not be tolerated from Realtors, a measure taken by Realtors.

Huzzah for the Realtor community for standing up for what’s right and making an amendment to the Code of Ethics to declare sexual orientation discrimination officially unacceptable!

Today is a day when I’m even more proud than usual to call myself a Realtor.