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A common complaint in the restaurant industry here in Richmond is about how outdated and difficult (and sometimes just plain nonsensical) the ABC regulations are, especially for start-ups. Well it might finally be time for that to change:

…the state’s Alcohol Beverage Control Board is for the first time in 20 years reviewing and updating all of its regulations in an effort to rewrite or eliminate any antiquated and burdensome restrictions. And they’ve asked the state’s merchants to help, giving them until Oct. 17 to propose changes.

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You heard them, folks. If you have an ABC license, then they want to hear from you! Be a part of the updates in the ABC laws. If you’ve seen what can be done better, now is your chance to speak up.

Where to speak up? I’m not exactly sure. I checked the Virginia ABC website and didn’t see anything specific about the initiative, but calling them directly would be a good place to start. If you do know the reporting process, please leave a comment with the information.

(Thank you to Richmond BizSense for pointing out this article in their morning email. If you’re not receiving it already, then you might want to rectify that.)

One Thought on “Virginia ABC laws changing soon”

  • I received an email this monrning from Jennifer Farinholt, Public Relations Specialist at Virginia ABC, and she agreed that I could share with you all:

    “We welcome suggestions. Please e-mail ideas regarding ABC regulations changes to [email protected]. I will funnel licensee suggestions to the appropriate parties on the regulations committee for review. (We always welcome communication from the field for ABC’s Licensee newsletter, seller-server training and/or website content. Some ideas—with the individual’s permission— may be used to answer FAQs, address topics in the newsletter, etc.)

    Each facet of the alcohol beverage industry is represented on the committee reviewing the ABC regulations. For the restaurant industry, individuals may also contact their representative at the Virginia Hospitality and Travel Association (VHTA). Tom Lisk, legal counsel for the VHTA is on the ABC regulations review panel.

    Finally, here’s the news release we issued on this topic:

    I always love to hear that the government agencies are listening to the public! Thanks, Jennifer!

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