The current issue (1/17/07) of Style Weekly has an article in the Food & Drink section called "Fire in the Belly" that I suggest everyone should read.  Go ahead, read it and then come back here.  (come on, it’s not THAT long)

Every time there is an article about a business changing hands, usually restaurants, the business broker isn’t mentioned.  This isn’t an issue of vainity in wanting to get press coverage, but merely a business matter.  I have said for the past couple of months that every time a high-profile restaurant is reported as being sold and we are not mentioned, it just perpetuates the myth that most business sales are made without broker involvement.

The article is right on track about how this activity tends to happen
very quietly — discretion and confidentiality is almost always a
concern with businesses that are currently in operation.

I will be doing periodic press releases for completed business sales going forward, and will put these press releases up as posts here, as well.  This article is a great start!

There will be a follow-up posting here to go into some of the other details mentioned in the article, so keep an eye out for it!

One Thought on “Bandazian is in Style this week!”

  • interesting read. even more so, is that sev sinanian is the father of three girls that i teach. that man is so nice! love the family! they gave me a bottle of champagne and wine for christmas…a first in my “teacher gift” collection.

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