Okay, it’s a cheesy title, but I was trying to come up with something catchy.

If you didn’t catch my meaning from the oh-so-witty title, I’m talking about the Byrd Theatre in Carytown.  It is one of the landmarks that always comes up when people are either reminiscing about Richmond or telling newcomers where they should make a point of visiting.

Take a look at the new blog by F.T. Rea that is focused specifically on the history and preservation of this integral part of Richmond.

I would like to point out a quote from one of his postings about my favorite event at the Byrd, and quite possibly my favorite event in Richmond each year:

…every spring the VCU French Film Festival takes over the Byrd for three
days. More than 16,000 tickets were sold for the 2003 series, which the
French government formally recognized as the largest French film
festival in the United States.

(Thanks to Snoopy at RiverCityRapids for the heads-up on this, via "Memories of The Byrd Theatre".)

One Thought on “Movies are for the Byrd”

  • The French are coming! (where and when to find them)

    Every year, Carytown becomes awash in the blue, white, and red stripes of the French flag. Every shop in town has the posters proclaiming that the French are coming, and many shops are concocting plans to tie in promotions to

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