So it looks like Boulevard is on the rise.  There are enough projects going on that even if one or two fall through, the momentum is still there.  It’s exciting to see the area that is the introduction to Richmond for many people coming into the area off of I-64/I-95 finally being developed the way it should.

There are a couple of options on the block for the city-owned property adjacent to the Diamond.  I have posted before about the proposal for the new baseball stadium there.  From an article in the March 2007 issue of Richmond Magazine, there is another proposal that entails VCU using the same land as a tennis complex.  The "plans include a field house, six to eight indoor tennis courts, 12 to 14 outdoor courts and a center-court stadium, as well as a possible student-housing component".

The Boulevard Square cineplex and retail development mentioned in previous posts is still on track, from what I understand.

There is a new restaurant that is being built out along that corridor, as well.  I had heard rumors of this, but Style Weekly confirmed it with more details last week:

[Cole Bucholtz] and the owners of River City Tattoo, Jessika and Rob Weaver, are opening Strong Hill Dining Company
in a building that once held Motor Europa. The three are renovating it
from the ground up, bringing in all new kitchen equipment, a bar,
booths and tables. Plus, they’re planning to install a rooftop patio
and a small private dining room for parties.

I have even heard rumors of other moves that could be very interesting, but can’t be verified at the moment.

Even smaller pieces have fallen into place over the past couple of years, with the retail shops getting face-lifts and gaining new tenants, filling in the holes.

Any suggestions as to what could keep this momentum hot?  I’m all ears.

4 Thoughts on “More Developments for Boulevard”

  • Richmond could really use a paintball facility- indoor or outdoor.
    It obviously needs to be run in a responsible manner and I am sure the insurance would be tough, but it could be a good alternative to real gun play by the City’s kids.

  • Scott: I know this isn’t actually in Richmond City, but Splat Brothers has an outdoor paintball facility somewhere in the surrounding counties. I believe it was south of here. Huge complex, with several fields.
    However, if there was anywhere in the city for an indoor facility, I think that Scott’s Addition would work well.

  • Movieland: The new frontier

    A couple of weeks ground was broken on the new cineplex on Boulevard. There has been a lot of buzz about it, and judging by the hits on some of my prior posts on the development (from 03/14/07, 11/30/06 05/18/06),

  • Richmond Braves moving to Atlanta — or is it just another rumor?

    We’re all aware of the arguments that have popped up over the past couple of years about the state of repairs at the Diamond, where the Class AAA Richmond Braves baseball team play on the Boulevard here in Richmond. The

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