Not everywhere in Richmond, but the recent decision of a local pub has been high profile.

O’toole’s Restaurant & Pub, an Irish Pub in Westover Hills, just went to non-smoking voluntarily.  A lot of people are watching to see if the move hurts or helps their business.

Personally, I think there should be an air quality bill rather than a law banning smoking in restaurants and bars altogether.  That would give the owner a couple of choices if smoking gets too bad in their establishment:
1) install a powerful smoke-eater (or 2 or 3)
2) ban smoking in their establishment

I’ve been in some bars where no one was smoking right then, but I could barely breathe.  BUT, I’ve been in some bars where everyone was smoking, and I couldn’t smell a trace of smoke.

So what does everyone think?  If your favorite bar or restaurant were to ban smoking, would you be more or less likely to go back.  Or, would you be more inclined to go to a place that you used to avoid?

2 Thoughts on “Smoking banned in Richmond”

  • Being a native Californian the thought of business switching to non-smoking policies is quite refreshing. In California the law has been in effect for a number of years and really ends up having little effect on a smokers enjoyment of an establishment. They simply enjoy their cigarettes/cigars on an open patio and enjoy the fresh air. When they are ready to rejoin the non-smoking population after the 2-10min smoke break the door is open to do so and everyone is happy and the non-smokers stay healthy. I mean really what about those that suffer heavily from asthma or have a respiratory condition? I think that the ratio of smokers to non-smokers is vastly different and it won’t kill smokers to step out to do what they have chosen for themselves and not subject others to it.

  • I think it is long overdue that restaurants have a no smoking ban. If smokers want to damage their own health then they have the right to do so. This is to protect the health of restaurant workers primarily and secondarily restaurant patrons. Second hand smoke is not a choice. Some restaurants do a poor job of separating the smoking section rather than invest in the proper ventilation system. It is my hope the general assembly supports the smoking ban.
    If restaurants want to offer both, stricter legislation on ventilation needs to be enforced and put on the books. A small divider will not prevent 2nd hand smoke.

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