The general postal rate goes up $.02 effective Monday, May 14, 2007 (from $.39 to $.41).  But…it’s not as simple as an across-the-board shift this time.

All sorts of rate changes are being put in place, such as a different scale for heavier items (a 2 oz package will cost less to mail than it did under the old system). 

Also, a size-based system is starting Monday.  I think it sounds rather difficult considering that everyone currently uses scales, rather than rulers, to gauge the cost of shipping.  I’m sure it can work, if everyone gets on board, but I also expect there will be a lot of mailings that are returned for lack of enough postage in the early part of this transition.

See the USPS’s release about their new rate schedules here.

One Thought on “New Postal Rates”

  • Don’t mail that letter!

    Or at least don’t mail it until you make sure you have the right postage. On Monday, May 12, the postage rate for a first-class letter is going up by one cent, from $0.41 to $0.42. If you remember, the…

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