From "UPDATE: New Downtown Hilton Hotel", posted here on 11/18/06:

And as a side note:  This hotel will be a full-service upscale Hilton,
but developers are not revealing which sub-brand name they will be

Style Weekly reported this past Wednesday that HRI Properties has downgraded this site to a more limited-service Hilton brand, "Hilton Garden Inn".  You may be familiar with this brand already, but the spokesperson points out that this location will have more "bells and whistles".  (Actually, the Hilton in Innsbrook is a Hilton Garden Inn.)

Some news that I hadn’t seen before was regarding a full service restaurant, The Great American Grill, and an additional 25,000SF of retail space, all of which will be at the bottom of the hotel building.

The Great American Grill is already being used in Hilton hotels across the country, here is a review of one in Hampton Roads: Rise & Dine blog (Hampton Roads, VA).  You can easily find other sites by Googling "great american grill, hilton", but the other pages I found didn’t have anything specific regarding the quality of the restaurant.  Consistently, the description was "American cuisine, under $10", and they all seem to be in Hilton Garden Inn hotels.

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