Per the RTD this morning, Toad’s Place opened last night with the Squirrel Nut Zippers, as planned.

A couple of hitches that are in the works of being resolved:
1) ABC license will not be available for another 10-15 days (so no alcohol)
2) restaurant will open in about 30-45 days
3) 2nd and 3rd floors will open once the restrooms are completed

Total capacity right now (w/o the 2nd and 3rd floors) is "just over 1,000".

Even with the small issues, I am glad to hear it is finally open.

2 Thoughts on “Toad’s Place is open”

  • Toads place advertsed on thier websight Full service restaraunt 4 bars and the largest patio in richmond they have none of the above. I have never seen more furious peaple in one place in my life than last night at Toads.
    No refunds were offered

  • They are certainly losing ground without being fully functional. It would be a hard choice between cancelling shows and not having all of the amenities available. Food and drink is pretty much expected when you go out like that.
    I wonder how long it will go on until they get everything up to par…

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