Front1_2 Shockoe Bottom has been going through quite a few improvements and has been experiencing a resurgence in business activity over the past couple of years.  There are several buildings in the area that have been in sore need of a make-over.  One such building is at the corner of North 18th Street and Walnut Alley.

I am happy to report as the property manager for the building that a tenant has been found for 6 North 18th Street, and renovation work has already begun.  Be on the watch for the transformation of the exterior, and the yet-to-be-disclosed-to-the-public business to open in early Spring 2008.

One Thought on “Improving Shockoe Bottom – One Building at a Time”

  • That’s great news. I’ve noticed a lot of work in storefronts in the Bottom recently. Hopefully work progresses on the Sisson and Richmond Cold Storage Buildings.

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