Since there have been so many inquiries to my blog regarding The Shops at White Oak Village (see previous entries on the subject from 5/15/07 and 6/15/06), I thought it was time for an update.  Considering the time between each posting on the shopping center development, maybe I should consider labeling this as an annual update…

Now there is an official website for the project, and there are confirmed tenants listed:

Here's a factoid that I knew but had forgotten — the developer for The Shops at White Oak Village is the same developer that put together Short Pump Town Center and River Lofts at Tobacco Row, Forest City Enterprises.  Of course, given the confirmed tenant mix so far, White Oak will be a very different shopping center than Short Pump is.  That doesn't mean it won't be a good mix, just that it will be different — hopefully different in the way that reflects the needs and wants of the surrounding demographics.

It looks as though the project is still on target for a grand opening in Fall 2008, but we'll keep an eye out for any updates to that — and maybe another update before a full year passes…

[EDIT (10/13/08): Click here for the latest update on the Shops at White Oak Village.]

[EDIT (10/31/08): Click here for pictures and a post about the grand opening today!]

12 Thoughts on “UPDATE: The Shops at White Oak Village”

  • AJ: I couldn’t say. I haven’t heard any rumors of it, and there isn’t an official posting on the White Oak website about a Sonic coming in — or anything on the Sonic website, either.
    Has anyone else heard word of it?

  • Will there be a movie theater? Regal? How do we lobby for one? What highend clothing and shoe stores will be in this mall?

  • Would anyone else like to see a Chipotle or Coldstone? How do we go about lobbying for these type restaurants?

  • How can we get an American Family Fitness Center?? Anyone want to lobby for more options for working out and being healthy??

  • For any of the specific businesses/franchises, I would suggest that you email the companies directly and suggest the location. The more they hear from a potential customer base, the more they will consider it.

  • I would love to see a Barnes & Noble, Panera Bread & Starbucks. I would also love to see a Chipolte and a movie theatre. what do we need to do?

  • I would love to see a movie theater over there. The closet theater is atleast 19 miles away!

  • The Shops at White Oak Village sorely misses the mark for Eastern Henrico Residents. Major retailers and smaller parcel stores to promote and support healthy and stable families in Eastern Henrico Co. are left out! There is no major bookstore retailer or craft store to support literacy and the creative arts; yet tenants include GameStop and SportsZone. There is no fitness center or nutrition store like GNC; yet tenants include Chick-fil-A and McDonalds. There are no affordable, professional, brand name stores like Old Navy and Marshalls; yet there are Dots, DTLR and Rainbow. These retailers do not reflect the kind of lifestyle that is deserved by our community! We deserve better than another 7-Eleven and authorized cell phone dealer!
    I am not asking to replicate Short Pump or Stony Point. I am just asking to have the same amenities that our neighbors in Mechanicsville, and the VCC, Hull Street/Midlothian communities have. Must our zip code be 23060 or 23059 to have more than Ukrop’s, Kohls and Target? I can only hope that our Ukrop’s is modeled after the Ukrop’s/YMCA combo located on John Rolfe Parkway in Western Henrico — state of the art fitness center with certified personal trainers, fully equipped locker rooms, and a premier child watch play area for members and guests while exercising or shopping in Ukrop’s. Dream or reality? I’d rather stay dreaming for I am afraid to be disappointed by reality!

  • After all these years of being neglected, the “other side of the tracks” is finally getting a shopping area other than cruddy little businesses that cater to a certain customer. Thank you for finally recognizing we, in the East End of town, actually buy clothes and need food to eat!

  • UPDATE #4: White Oak Village

    Lately I have seen a flood of inquiries for information on the newest addition of shops in the East End of Richmond — The Shops at White Oak Village. From all of the internet traffic, it is easy to believe…

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