Today was the big day for the Shops at White Oak Village!  The
eagerly anticipated shopping center was formally introduced to the
community this morning, and while the line of speakers patting each
other on the back for a job well done was the agenda for the event (and
well deserved!), the important news is that this is not your typical
shopping center.

Every developer says that their shopping center
is unique, but this time it was proven.  Not only was the environment
taken highly into consideration in the construction and build-out, but
the way the traffic is controlled and the landscaping is done lends to
a very pedestrian-friendly environment.

Then again, this is the
same developer that did Short Pump Town Center and that was a new style
for the area, too.  I have to say that it is refreshing to see that
there are developers doing such high quality work and not just churning
out the same strip mall over and over again.

Entrance_WhiteOak PededstrianFriendly_WhiteOak

2 Thoughts on “Today’s Grand Opening at White Oak Village (pictures, too!)”

  • I’m just happy there is a Petsmart, Target, and Qdoba. I think more will open around Best Buy. I think people should be happy for what they have right now.

  • As a nearby homeowner I am very pleased to see this shopping center open. It is very modern, clean, and safe. An excellent diversity of businesses!

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