Retail real estate has gone through a lot over the past year and will continue to evolve over the upcoming year.  I can say from anecdotal experience in our office and from what I’ve heard from other colleagues in the business that the last half of 2010 was very busy, with the level of activity only set to increase going forward.

Retail Traffic is a great resource for information on the retail real estate market and I always enjoy seeing a new issue come out.  If you don’t want to miss anything, I would suggest you watch it closely too.  Of course, if I see anything particularly interesting, I will be sure to pass it along here.  For example…..

Their “Retail Real Estate’s 2010 in Review” is a comprehensive review of the biggest stories in retail real estate over the course of the past year.

And even more important, “What Will 2011 Bring?” (which links to a few other very informative pieces)