Catt Pulli

Operations Manager

Born and raised in Richmond, VA, Catt is excited to bring her various experiences to the Sperity team. She spent three years owning a franchise and learned the ins and outs of running a brick and mortar during the pandemic. The team at Sperity helped her lease the space and navigate a complicated landlord/tenant relationship where everyone learned some valuable lessons. On top of that, Catt has been a professional photographer for 15 years and specializes in food and restaurants. She has shot for over 100 restaurants and local food products in her career and has made connections in the industry that make her an easy fit in the office. Catt also has a Fine Art and Business degree from Liberty University and has worked as a graphic designer and interior designer. Her myriad of knowledge helps her to maximize processes and procedures for the team while meeting client expectations.

Catt lives in Hanover with her husband, son, daughter and their three dogs. In her downtime, she likes to paint and read. She is working on launching a food blog so a lot of time is spent in the kitchen honing her skills and photographing in her home kitchen. Her kids love to help out with taste-testing! She is dedicated to the Sperity ethos to inspire, prosper and bring integrity to every action.