[SOLD!] Neighborhood restaurant in a busy area

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$110,000 — Asking Price [PRICE LOWERED FROM $175,000!]

Location: Richmond-metro area, VA

This restaurant has been a proven model in the community for years. The owners have been in the business for decades and are ready to retire. Pre-pandemic, the sales were in the $1.1-1.2M range, but they have not bounced back to that level yet — primarily due to a lack of staffing and open hours.

The location is primed and ready for a new concept. Keep it as a family-centric concept and the neighborhood will carry it. But you don’t have to rely solely on the neighborhood. This location is within the Richmond metro area, but easily accessed from all over and it has pulled heavily from outside the surrounding neighborhood in the past.

Why spend the time, effort, and money upfitting an empty space in a questionable area when you can spend a fraction of effort, time, and expense to get into a highly desirable area with a proven track record? This won’t last long.

Financing:  For the right price and a significant down payment, seller can provide financing for

Support & Training:  Seller will provide a transition period and ongoing support as necessary to facilitate a smooth transition.

Stock Photo by Alex Haney on Unsplash

Price: $110,000

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