Ahhh, the complexities of something that you thought might actually be easy.  But then, it’s all easy from the outside, right?

I don’t know if I’ve said this here before, but I am not a residential Realtor.  I am licensed such that I can act as one, but it’s really not my specialty.  For all parties involved (myself included), I would prefer to refer out the business to someone that specializes in it.  Commercial real estate and residential real estate are two very different beasties, and I like the commercial side — even if it includes the odd investment single-family home from time to time.  It’s just a different mode of thought.

I can do residential representation, and have done it a couple of choice times for choice clients.  I actually enjoyed the negotiation part the most, since it’s on a much faster pace than commercial transactions.  (not to slight the commercial transactions at all, but I enjoy having the tight time frame for a response as leverage for my client)

This all being said, I still enjoy keeping up on the constant education that is available online and in trade magazines.  That way I’m still sharp when the next choice client asks me to help them out on a residential issue.  And, I like to pass along the occassional tidbit to you when I come across a gem.

For example:  This article on GolfCourseRealty.com, "In the market for a golf-course home?  Here’s what to look for", is a keeper.  It is very well-thought out, and raises a lot of good points about this process that I wouldn’t have considered — until getting into an evaluation of a house in that situation.  Plus, who knows if these issues would have really been considered before a decision was reached?  Much better to go into the evaluation of a home with your eyes wide open, rather than trying to learn as you go along.