Restaurant Week is here again!  Once a year, some of the premier restaurants in Richmond band together to offer prix-fixe menus to benefit the Central Virginia Food Bank.  This year, Restaurant Week is October 22-28 — next week!!  The price for a three-course meal at any of the participating restaurants is $25.07.

Here is the list, straight from the CVFB website with links added for you to click through to each restaurant’s website (when available):

Acacia, 354-6060
, 353-4700
Bacchus, 355-9919
Cabo’s Corner Bistro
, 355-1144
, 643-0911
Hondos at Innsbrook
, 968-4323
, 377-3968
La Grotta
, 644-2466
Michelle’s at Hanover Tavern
, 537-5250
Millie’s Diner
, 643-5512
Rowland Fine Dining
, 257-9885
Sam Miller’s
, 644-5465
Six Burner
, 353-4060
The Hard Shell
, 643-2333
The Hill Cafe
, 648-0360
The Track
, 359-4781
TJ’s in the Jefferson
, 788-8000
, 780-0086
Zed Cafe
, 261-5656
Zeus Gallery Cafe
, 359-3219

So get out there next week, Richmond!  If you don’t feel compelled enough by the good cause of helping the CFVB, then at least get out to treat yourself to a wonderful meal (or two or three) at a great price!!

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