I’m not a residential real estate agent (although I can refer you to several good ones, if you need), so I don’t usually address home purchasing issues on this blog.  I do, however, follow many good blogs that focus on residential real estate and every once in a while come across a gem that begs to be shared.  Going forward, I’ll be sure to share those postings here when the topic is applicable to the Richmond market.

Here is the first of these postings:  "Buying new construction without a Realtor? Read this first!" by Jim Duncan on REALCentralVA.com.

Jim makes a good point that:

One size certainly does not fit all. Certainly, not all new
construction contracts are this odious and one-sided, but buyers (and
Realtors) need to be aware that this type of contract is out there, is
being used and is being signed by Buyers without even a hint of Buyer

Be sure to read Jim’s post.  It’s scary that this kind of language is in a contract.  Another lesson to take from this is always read before you sign anything and make sure you understand the language that is being used.

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