bear with me for the moment…just exploring making a new, self-hosted version of the blog — so things may look kind of funny for a little bit as I make adjustments and tweaks here and there

I’d love to hear what WordPress plug-ins you like or don’t like as I make this adjustments.  What have you found works well on your blog?

3 Thoughts on “getting things situated”

  • Looking great so far! I’d recommend for starters:

    * akismet
    * all-in-one seo
    * Google xml sitemaps
    * Google analytics
    * wp touch

  • Thanks, Tim! I have Akismet and Google Analytics installed so far. I’ll have to check out the others you mentioned.

    Looks like I need to learn a little coding to clean up the blog headers. Gets a little cluttered with all of the categories at the top — makes the “leave a comment” link hard to see.

  • Nathan,

    I second Tim’s suggestions and I’d add a few more:

    WP Greet Box

    I’d also go and chmod your .htaccess file to 777 temporarily and fix your permalinks to a custom structure such as /%postname%/ to get human readable urls. The WP default is pretty poor for SEO and general usability.

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