TSI Promotionals may have a history that starts with printing services, but when owner Doug Mays took over, the company expanded into new product lines and grew its profits five-fold.
What’s the secret sauce? According to Doug, it’s diversifying products and services for changing times. As a byproduct of that success, Sperity recently helped him secure a new space.
Doug took over Superior Printing after his father-in-law passed in 2011. With an original focus on print materials and stationary, he saw the need for change and potential for growth. In 2015, he purchased Timeless Stitches, Inc. (that’s TSI for short) and expanded services to include embroidery and screen printing.
Today, TSI Promotionals is a one-stop shop for branded products with all design, printing, and embroidering or screen printing completed in house — nothing is outsourced. They help businesses better market their services though decorated apparel and design and also partner with schools to produce spirit wear and athletic gear. From large corporations that already have a logo, to small startups, who come in with just an idea, TSI Promotionals provides a crucial resource for marketing businesses.
With Sperity’s help, the company recently purchased a building to expand its production capabilities. Originally leasing retail space, TSI Promotionals had to cram bulky equipment into its showroom. Now, with a proper production facility dedicated to equipment, the showroom feels like a retail space where clients can check out products in person. The new space also brings the ability to fulfill larger orders and provide faster turnaround.
Doug is also pleased with the warehouse’s new location. Before, he had occasional walk-in customers, but they tended to be much smaller orders. Now in an industrial park, many of his clients are nearby. “We are much more accessible,” Doug said. The move brings them closer to current clients including Hanover County Schools which uses TSI for its athletic and spiritwear.
We brought several buildings to TSI’s attention, but didn’t rest until we turned over every stone and found the perfect spot. With our methods in finding commercial space, Doug felt confident that Sperity had his best interests at heart.
We tackled another challenge and secured a new tenant to take over the long-term lease on Doug’s previous space. Sperity also secured an extension for his new building’s current tenant to give Doug peace of mind and income to apply towards his mortgage.
“Instead of finding a big ticket location, Sperity listened to my needs and found what I was looking for. I was never waiting on them for anything. They handled both parts of the transaction, which was incredible,” Doug said. “I was able to sit back and let them run with it.”
Doug sees the future of screen printing and embroidery as fast growing, with more companies moving to casual wear and logo apparel and away from suits and ties.
With the new workspace and an increase in production, TSI has a bright future ahead.
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