Michael Outen didn’t go from being a retired marine to estate sale extraordinaire overnight. However, a chance encounter while browsing a sale in his neighborhood changed that. The conversation turned into a job offer, and, as Michael puts it, “that was essentially the beginning of Myk-Beth’s Estate Sales.”

Before starting his own company, Michael learned the ins and outs of the business and also realized what so many estate sale companies weren’t doing. “Myk-Beth’s is a full-service estate sale company that not only does the estate sale and liquidates,” he says. “I’ve taken it a step further and we also prepare houses for the market.” While most companies leave as soon as the sale is over, Myk-Beth’s unique service also handles all of the donations of remaining items, removes all trash, and does whatever necessary to prepare a house for market, like painting, cleaning, and staging.

Since 2015, Myk-Beth’s Estate Sales has gained a reputation throughout their service area of Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina for their professionalism and treating their clients’ family treasures like their own. Eventually, as business grew, Michael realized the need for a warehouse space to use as storage and for hosting sales. It was time to move out of his personal garage and provide a bigger space for his growing company. 

Michael was introduced by a residential Realtor to Sperity, which was able to understand the estate sales business and Myk-Beth’s specific needs. “Before you can find a space for us,” Michael says, “you have to understand our business. Not every Realtor understood that, but I was happy that Sperity was able to.”

For the new space, Myk-Beth’s required close proximity to the highway, a clean storage space, and security for their vehicles and valuables. Sperity was able to find just that near Richmond International Airport, in the East End of Henrico County. Myk-Beth’s new home serves as not just vehicle parking and office space, but a location to conduct estate sales when needed as well as a place for employees to meet.

With business rapidly expanding from 30 estate sales per year to now about 100 sales per year, Myk-Beth’s will be looking to find an even bigger space soon. “I wouldn’t imagine or think of going to anyone else when I get ready for the next space,” Michael says. Working with Sperity, he says, was an outstanding experience.

Myk-Beth’s is located at 4204-C Eubank Road, Henrico, VA 23231. For more information visit www.mykbeths.com