Maureen over at MIOAKLANDCOUNTY had a posting ("HELP. I CAN’T FIND YOUR AGENT!")that…well, first of all it was well written, but more importantly it addresses a very important issue: In the age of the internet, do you want to work with a realtor that has a weak internet presence?

If you can’t find any trace of your Realtor on Google, do you
think your agent has a strong plan for marketing your home on the web?

The old ways still work, but the effective present day realtor has to be in touch with the old way of marketing AND be familiar with current technology.

3 Thoughts on “All Hail the Internet”

  • Right on the money. With how cheap it is to promote yourself and your business on the Internet, it is amazing how few Realtor sites have any visibility at all. Simply making a few minor adjustments to your overall web strategy like submitting to social meida sites and blogging can increase lead generation and visibility ten fold.

  • I was at a conference that was talking about new ways to market business. It was amazing that the professionals spoke only of blogging and Google placement. what I find is that in today’s world of technology we could find ways to really get the word out for business. What if a realtor could use BlueTooth Transmitters at a house they were selling to transmit to other devices set on searching for a house for sale in the area?? What about using Google Maps or some of the other mapping web sites to plot or map available houses and allowing for overlays explaining school districts, economic growth, and other vital statistics.

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