There are a few things going on over at the Valentine Richmond History Center that deserve your attention for a variety of reasons.  It's an exciting time at the museum, with a new exhibit, a new online quiz, and nominations for an annual award starting soon!

The original impetus for this post was a follow up on a post from last year about the first "I Know Richmond" online quiz.  I did a little better on this new quiz than I did last year, which is not saying much.  It's interesting to see what I can answer correctly, and get a quick insight into some parts of Richmond history that I do not know as well.

The new quiz can be found at, and this year it is about Richmond during the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s.

Battle for the City: the Politics of Race 1950s-1970s

This is a new exhibit that opened during the latest First Fridays Artwalk, and ties directly into the "I Know Richmond" quiz.  The focus of the exhibit is on the volatile times of the 1950s-1970s with "citywide conflicts over integration, civil rights, urban planning, transportation, and political representation."

All of us are familiar with images from the era of the civil rights movement, with sit-ins and the integration of the school systems, but it was very interesting to see the same general themes with Richmond City as the backdrop.  It's one thing to see photos from other areas, but the local connection of familiar monuments in the background really brings it home.

2008 Richmond History Makers

Nominations will be accepted from May 1 through June 29 for this year's Richmond History Makers awards, which will be presented at a big event scheduled for October 21, 2008.  The site describes the qualifications as:

… those who are benefiting
our community by mentoring best practices, leading successful initiatives
and contributing positively through innovative methods […] for five categories
of distinction:

Creating Quality Educational Opportunities

Demonstrating Innovative Solutions

Fostering Regional Cooperation

Improving Racial Equality and Social Justice

Promoting Stronger Communities

So, whether you're looking to get involved and make some nominations, or looking to become a bit more educated about Richmond's history during a volatile period, or just looking for a bit of fun with a quick test of knowledge, it's all going on right now!