Yes, THAT Chris Brogan. (And if you don't know Chris Brogan, then you should take a little bit to get to know him through his blog or his twitter account — you will thank me.)

Personal Chef To Go is local Richmond business that provides prepared gourmet meals by delivery.  PCTG offers a variety of fresh, healthy meal options (see a sample of their current menu here).  From their own site: 

"Freshly prepared weekly menus from the Mediterranean to the
Pacific Rim. Made from all natural ingredients with no
preservatives or additives. 100% trans fat free.

Always fresh, never frozen, entrees are rush shipped via
Fed-Ex to your doorstep in oven and microwave safe containers
that lock in flavor and guarantee freshness for an entire week!"

But don't take it from them, and don't take it from me — take it from Chris Brogan!  See his blog post here.

(Out of full disclosure, PCTG is a client of mine, in that I helped them find their current commercial kitchen space.)