When Elaine Odell realized Tricycle Gardens would not be renewing their lease at her 2314 Jefferson Avenue property, she knew exactly who to call. Nathan Hughes helped her with their original lease in 2012 when he was a partner at Bandazian & Hughes, and he had to be the one to help her again.

“He has the ability to structure a lease that works for everybody — he has wonderful patience. It’s one of the most wonderful things about working with him. He’s patient, he listens to everybody, he’s a really good facilitator in terms of helping people to come to an agreement, to get each party what they need.”

Pizza Bones, more widely understood as the crust you leave behind after devouring a slice of pizza, is Elaine’s newest tenant. Founder Ashley Patino was hanging out with friends in college when she heard this phrase, and she had kept it in her back pocket ever since.

Starting her culinary career at Lamplighter Coffee Roasters, she made her way into the kitchen and then to an internship and eventual position at Sub Rosa Bakery in Church Hill before spending some time in California. Upon her return, she had her plan.

As a property owner, bringing a restaurant into the space felt much more complicated and intimidating to Elaine. “I’m glad Nathan has the experience with restaurants that he does, because I don’t. There are different things you have to be aware of and expenses to pay for and it was great to have someone with his experience help me through that process. He has that devil in the detail stuff only an industry insider knows.”

Ashley has big plans for Pizza Bones. “I want it to be more than just a pizza place, I want it to be a community space.” She hopes to utilize the space for community gatherings, especially the outdoor area.

Ashley’s plan fell in line with the other Jefferson Avenue businesses. “We are working hard to create a place for the community to be, to spend their leisure time, time to gather with friends and family and enjoy a meal,” says Elaine. “That’s why this business makes a lot of sense.”

Union Hill and Church Hill are home to many young families, with toddlers and school aged children. Parents need places where they can have a meal and bring their kids, and feel comfortable doing so. At Pizza Bones, they will see a menu that appeals to a spectrum of family members in an environment that feels good.

Jefferson Avenue is grassroots and organic. You won’t find any chains or franchises here, home to several iconic Richmond spots, such as Union Market, Sub Rosa Bakery, and The Roosevelt to name a few. North End Juice Co. is slated to open a spot in the following months, as well as Elaine’s newest tenant, Pizza Bones.