Commercial Real Estate in Richmond Virginia
Photo by Derrick Brooks on Unsplash

With the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the world, many businesses have shut down, leaving many vacancies in commercial real estate. Now is the perfect time to make a move in commercial real estate because prices are down, interest rates are lower and there is an excess supply of buildings. If you play your cards right, you could be successful in the commercial real estate industry after the pandemic crisis has abated.

Lower Interest Rates

Because of the pandemic and the current recession, commercial real estate properties have a lower interest rate than normal. The interest rate has reached incredibly low proportions, meaning that you don’t have to worry about paying a lot of money in interest overtime for your properties. You can buy many properties, most likely more than you otherwise would have, though you should still be wise with your purchasing power. While you will still need to keep an eye on making the numbers work during the pandemic, the lower interest rate could prove to be incredibly beneficial to buying commercial real estate.

More Supply

With many businesses permanently closing, commercial real estate there are deals to be had. These closures have left a supply in commercial real estate. With reopening delays and shifting customer demand, many businesses will not be able to last if they don’t make the right moves — resulting in vacancies and those properties becoming available for purchase. A high number of businesses are likely to close their doors forever because of the pandemic, meaning that there is a surplus of commercial real estate buildings. You can purchase these buildings now to make a profit later when more people are looking to buy commercial properties again.


Because of the low interest rates and the increased supply of commercial real estate properties, these properties have become more affordable than they have in a long time. Because of their affordability, now is the perfect time to invest in commercial real estate. If you have the means to do so, you can buy up properties for cheaper prices than they would have been pre-COVID-19. Buying now could be incredibly beneficial in your future if the demand for business properties once again increases.

While you may not think now is the best time to look into commercial real estate properties due to the pandemic, it is actually a great time to look into commercial real estate properties because of their affordability, the increased supply, and the low interest rates.

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